The largest economic and trade center of China-Guangzhou is excellent geographical location, where is the largest production and trade base of China food industry, and it also the largest distributing centre and trade transit center of import food. Guangzhou is the key city of Pearl River Delta, near Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia area.

29 June – 1 July 2016
China Import-Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Objectives of the Fair are:

  • Full briefing of anyone throughout the world being interested in the sector of production and process of olive-oil and edible olive.
  • Showing off of new products.
  • Configuration of new entrepreneurial relationships.
  • Strengthening of the buyers and agents’ interest.
  • Achievement of profitable agreements inside and outside of Greece.
  • Exchange of opinions between businesses and merchants.
  • Strengthening of competitiveness.

It has been planned with the view of forming an annual event of such sector:

  • It gives the opportunity of showing off the products of all the businesses and cooperative organizations.
  • It gathers the supply and demand for the sector’s products and services.
  • It gives the opportunity to all the interested parties to be briefed on the latest evolutions regarding the necessary mechanical equipment (for oil-factories, standardizing businesses etc.), the seedbed material, packing materials, renowned standardized oils, the analyses laboratories etc.
  • It seeks to make get in touch Greek standardizers – exporters with the distribution and disposition channels of abroad.
  • It gives the opportunity to collective sectors to show off their activities and work.
  • It shows in a united place all about olive-oil and edible olive.

Sectional units of showing off:

  • Machinery for the process and standardization of olive-oil
  • Machinery for the process and standardization of olive
  • Laboratories and organs of quality control
  • Certification as per ISO and HACCP standards, Pumps, Engines, Tanks, Barrels, Stainless constructions, White tin works
  • Seedbeds, Oil-nets, Oil-beating sticks, Agricultural equipment and fittings
  • Paper and glass packing, packing machinery, Labeling
  • Sanitation of premises, Protection means for workers, transportation equipment
  • Public agencies, Vocational COOPERATIVEs, Financing agencies etc.