The specialized fair for:

The production, promotion, transformation, distribution
The standardization, consumption, trading, gastronomy
The exports, mass dining, technology, certification
The mechanical equipment
…….of olive-oil and olive. 

The fair is addressed to:

Olive-producers, Olive-manufacturers
Representatives of Cooperatives and their Associations
Representatives and executives of standardizing businesses
Merchants, distributors and retailers
Exporters, Importers of markets – targets

1. Stand types:

• Floor spaces
• Electrical consumption 300 watt/10 m²
• Carpet cleaning
• Area security
• Parking for the Exhibitors

• Floor spaces
• Basic stand structure made of aluminium structure and banners of 2,50 m. height melamine.
• Metope with the sign of the exhibitor and with the stand’s number
• Carpet covering the stand and the corridors
• Electric spotlights 300 watt /10 m² for the space, one plug per 10 m²
• Electrical consumption 300 watt/10 m²
• Carpet cleaning
• Area security
• Parking for the Exhibitors

We can also supply (after request and agreement):
– Telephone lines or ISDN
– Fax or internet connection installation
– Three-phase current supply
– Stand adjusting for the unstructured stands
– Office machines

2. Internet promotion:
Through our web pages, you have the possibility to project your company with complete elements. Address, telephones, fax, emails, description of activity, if you wish to have photographs of your products, connection with your web site.

3. After-expo services:
Within our web site you there is for each company-exhibitor, a form of interest request, for your products or for collaborations with you. Thus after the exposition, whoever locates your company, can request additional information on you. Maximize thus the profits that you can acquire with your attendance in Elaiotechnia.

4. Additional activities:
During the Elaiotechnia exhibition, in specifically shaped space, exhibitors that wish it, will have the possibility of presentation of their company with printed material, slides or videos in public.